Meet our Management team.

Alexandre Ioachim

Alexandre Ioachim is CEO and Founder of Viaroom Technology, the provider of next generation Artificial Intelligence solutions for smart homes.

Alexandre’s leadership, deep technology insight and management expertise have fueled and strengthened Viaroom’s ADN of innovation and leadership in the area of Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Prior to creating Viaroom Technology, Alexandre has founded and established in 2010  ATES Networks as one of the key players in modern video multiscreen solution. Before ATES Networks,  Alexandre was the Sales Director for South Europe and MEA at Metratech (Ericsson), a Boston-based billing solutions provider for the telecom market. Alexandre also held various global business development, marketing and management positions at eServGlobal (Oracle) and Ferma (Zodiac group).

Alexandre holds a degree in Computer Science, an AMP diploma from INSEAD, an MBA from ESCP (Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris), France and several diplomas in Artificial Intelligence (Stanford University) and Management (Minneapolis University). Alexandre resides in Paris, France and is based in Viaroom headquarters in Paris, France.

Andras Marinescu

Chief Operations Officer

Andras Marinescu is COO of Viaroom Technology.

Andras has a significative experience in telecommunications and project management. His deep technology expertise and market knowledge have brought a major contribution to the definition and implementation of Viaroom’s service offering for the smart home market.

Prior to Viaroom Technology, Andras held a COO position with ATES Networks, a leading supplier of advanced multiscreen, advertising and payments solutions for video service providers. An early champion of modern telecom architectures, he led the development of real-time video services, mobile payment as well as innovative advertising solutions. Andras also held various technology and management positions in the IT sector.

Andras holds a degree in Computer Science, a Master of Science in Complex Systems Automation and a diploma in Artificial Intelligence (Stanford University).