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Autopilot function

Alarm service


Energy savings

Share your chores with VIAROOM Home Autopilot.


Save time every day: VIAROOM Home continuously learns your needs and intelligently handles by itself less important but time-consuming daily tasks.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, VIAROOM Home anticipates your daily tasks. It learns on its own from your simplest actions (such as turning lights on and off) and automates your lighting, the heating of every room in your apartment or house, your shades, controls sprinklers in your garden, closes doors when you leave the house and more.

You can view and change the scenes learned by your VIAROOM Home from the MyViaroom app at any time.

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Connected Alarm service with no long term commitments


VIAROOM Secure uses your existing home automation system to increase your security. You no longer have to worry about whether the front door is closed and whether you have not forgotten an open window.

Works with your existing connected objects: Philips Hue, Foscam, Somfy myLink, Fibaro, Vera…

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Surveillance cameras

Email and SMS notifications

Automatic control of your lights and shades

Unlimited number of alarm zones

Fully Autonomous

VIAROOM Home continuously learns your habits using Artificial Intelligence.
Completely autonomous, it automates your home and helps you save energy.
Simply enable the Autopilot function and let VIAROOM Home handle repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

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Connect your home in minutes


VIAROOM Home works with most smart home systems: connected bulbs, home automation systems, wall plugs, intelligent thermostats, shutters, surveillance cameras, garage doors, connected sprinklers and more.


Your favorite connected devices are supported: Philips Hue, Osram, Honeywell, Samsung Smartthings, Somfy (US), Foscam, Fibaro, Vera…

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No monthly fees.
  • Available: EU, UK, MEA
  • VIAROOM Home controller: yes
  • VIAROOM Autopilot function
  • VIAROOM Secure alarm service, no fees, self-monitored
  • Google Assistant
  • SmartThings
  • Honeywell
  • Ecobee
  • Philips Hue
  • Osram Lightify
  • Somfy MyLink
  • Foscam HD
  • Fibaro, Vera, Zipato, Jeedom, eedomus
No monthly fees.
  • Available: US, Canada.
  • VIAROOM Home controller: no
  • VIAROOM Autopilot function
  • VIAROOM Secure alarm service, no fees, self-monitored
  • Google Assistant
  • SmartThings
  • Honeywell
  • Ecobee

Use cases

Your home becomes entirely autonomous with VIAROOM Home.

It relieves you from some of daily household tasks so you can focus on what’s really important and enjoy your free time together with your family and friends.

Your Heating becomes smarter and easier to use. The same goes for your lights, shutters, irrigation system and more.


Do you have connected bulbs and want to make them completely autonomous with VIAROOM Home? It’s really very simple !

Pair your bulbs to your VIAROOM Home controller using the MyViaroom app (hub required). Use them normally for 48 hours (turn on, turn off, adjust intensity and colors). After this initial learning period, VIAROOM Home will take the lead, according to your lighting habits, will create an optimal comfort and also allow you save energy. Your schedule changes? Simply switch on/off your lights. VIAROOM Home will quickly learn your new schedule and set it up for you.


Increase your comfort at home with VIAROOM Home.

The discovery and pairing of your thermostats and radiator valves is fully automatic. Your heating preferences are learned by VIAROOM Home for every room in your apartment or house. The heating setpoints are learned separately for weekdays and weekends. The number of setpoints is unlimited.

With the “Energy savings” feature VIAROOM Home will set-up a dynamic heating mode with automatic shutdown and start-up times depending on your daily schedule.


Your shades and shutters can become entirely autonomous with VIAROOM Home.

The MyViaroom application guides you through a simple discovery and pairing of your connected shades and shutters. The opening and closing time as well as the precise positioning (fully opened, opened at 25%, …) are learned and controlled by VIAROOM Home.

The automation of your shutters is set up for each room of your home, specifically for weekdays and weekends.


Want to make your irrigation system intelligent? It’s easy with VIAROOM Home.

Simply connect your irrigation valves to your VIAROOM Home with the MyViaroom app.
The automation of your sprinklers is managed separately for weekdays and weekends.
The number of time slots learned is unlimited.

Protecting your Privacy.

Your schedule data is securely stored and protected inside VIAROOM Home.

Your home keeps working even if internet is down. Moreover, your connected objects are better protected thanks to VIAROOM Firewall, which actively secures your smart home.

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